LEAD others to live, share, build, and lead

SUCCESS =Increased Retention, Income, & Leaders

The Lead Phase involves mastering the following three Core Actions:

  1. STRATEGIZE: Good strategy will strengthen your team. Use your Strategic Planner monthly. Learn how to identify leaders by looking for capable, committed leaders who have resources, influence, and contacts. Strategically place new enrollees to empower you both to reach your goals.
  2. MENTOR: Learn how to mentor your team. An effective mentor listens and asks questions to draw out the best in another. The mentoring process allows everyone to get to the next level. Provide needed support and guidance by mentoring your Key Builders weekly.
  3. NURTURE: This is a relationships business. Your business will only be as strong as the relationships in it. Take time to nurture 2+ builders weekly in your connections. Cheer your team on and celebrate their success as much (or more) as your own.

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Use the LEAD Guide To Support Others in the Lead Phase

lead guide

Combines all of the best training and tools to know how to build a successful business. To be given when someone is ready to receive training and use proven strategies to build strong. Is also great to use as the guide for regular team trainings.

– Everything needed to build a successful business
– Provides the best training to support focused, effective building
– Track contacts, customers, builders, plans, classes, and events
– Brings all the best tools together in one convenient place

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Includes the Tabs, Calendar Tabs, Calendar Pages, Weekly Check-ins, Customer Trackers, Builder Trackers, etc.

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Includes the Calendar Pages, Weekly Check-ins, Customer Trackers, Builder Trackers, and all the worksheets from the Lead Guide.